Best Online College In Texas All You Need To Know About

Cost of Attending an Online College in Texas

Traditionally, college tuition for in-state students costs significantly less than that of nonresidents. The table below offers an example of these differences. When considering online universities in Texas, the tradeoff of increased cost for out-of-state tuition comes with more flexibility. It should be noted this rule is general, and not universal. Some online schools offer tuition costs at a flat, per-credit cost to everyone, regardless of student residency. Even for those online institutions which place out-of-state students in a more expensive bracket, individuals living in neighboring states may be eligible for reduced costs through reciprocity agreements. Best Online College In Texas

Why Choose Texas for Online Higher Education?

Each year thousands of students take advantage of more than 200 online programs in Texas. The numbers in the table below display enrollment data from 2016. Extensive online education opportunities offer accessibility and flexibility to underserved populations, such as full-time workers, single parents, and those looking for a career change. With everything from non-degree vocational certificates, to masters and advanced degrees available from accredited online schools in Texas, anyone can aspire to higher education.

Considering a Texas School as an Out-of-State Student

For nonresidents in pursuit of an online degree in Texas, there are a few things every prospective student should consider. In addition to the table below, which includes 2016 enrollment numbers from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), students should research any available state reciprocity agreements or exchange student tuition discounts. Additionally, students should be mindful of any state agreements or attendance restrictions that may inhibit a student’s ability to enroll in an online program.

Best Online College In Texas All You Need To Know About

Tarleton State University

Part of the Texas A&M University System, Tarleton State University has six campuses and seven academic centers, educating more than 13,000 students. Through the school’s global campus, students living across the country can earn a degree online from TSU. Tarleton State has 10 online bachelor’s degree programs, delivering education to students in fields such as information technology, administrative systems, business, and criminal justice.

Several of the online undergraduate programs are provided as degree-completion tracks. For example, the fully online B.A.S in Veterinary Technology degree requires completion of an associate degree before entry and the B.A.A.S in Business program is tailored for students with any technical or vocational training, for which they can receive 33 college credits. Students with a wealth of work experience can enroll in the B.A.A.S in Manufacturing and Industrial Management and earn up to 84 credits for their experience. For those living outside of Texas, TSU is authorized to provide online education in every state apart from Massachusetts.

Texas Tech University

With more than 100 online degree programs, Texas Tech University gives students living in Texas and beyond the chance to start or finish a degree completely online. Most web courses use Blackboard as the learning management system and follow TTU’s traditional on-campus class schedule. Students have six fully online bachelor degree programs available in general education, human sciences, university studies, applied leadership, early childcare and plant and soil sciences. The bachelor of applied arts and science in applied leadership degree requires students to first earn an associate degree before entry to the bachelor program. To compliment an online degree, TTU provides eight undergraduate minors 100 percent online in areas such as agricultural leadership, public health, integrative studies, wind energy, and personal finance. Students residing outside of Texas can take advantage of in-state tuition applied to all fully online programs.

Dallas Christian College

Dallas Christian College provides non-traditional education opportunities to students through the university’s FlexCampus. DCC’s FlexCampus allows students to complete a course in six weeks. Students have a class scheduled once per week and can choose to participate on campus, online through live conferencing or on-demand, in which students watch a recording of the class on their own time. Students can earn their bachelor of science degree through the FlexCampus in practical ministries and bible, business, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies.

These programs have concentrations available in areas such as bible studies and ministry, business administration and nonprofit management. Completing a bachelor’s program can take two to four years, depending on the student’s previous education, if any. Students can also earn alternative credit for work experience and must demonstrate their abilities by creating a portfolio for review or by examination. A maximum of thirty credit hours can be awarded for the experience.

Stephen F. Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University, an independent university-based in east Texas, provides versatile online degree options for students looking to complete their bachelor’s degree education. Through SFAonline, the school’s web campus, over 20 degrees are available, seven of those being online baccalaureate programs. Through SFA’s Department of Elementary Education, three online Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degrees are provided with teacher certifications in middle school, elementary and special education.

While these programs are heavily based online, students may have to attend class on campus, so these programs are recommended for regional students with busy schedules. SFAonline also has two Bachelor of Business Administration degree-completion programs that are fully online, and an RN to BSN program designed for current registered nurses to complete upper-division coursework. To administer web courses, SFAonline utilizes D2L as its platform, creating a virtual classroom for students to interact and finish assignments.

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